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All throttle bodies are cut/ported on a CNC machine. We get the same precise cut/port every time. No guess work.

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VMAX CNC ported Throttle Bodies

Core Exchange :

$150 CNC ported throttle body

plus Shipping and

$150 refundable core deposit for all throttle bodies (excluding the LS2).

$400 refundable core deposit for the LS2,

Can I send in my stock throttle body? YES! C7 CORVETTE, LS3, LS2, LSA, LFX, LLT, LS1/LS6 DBW, LS1 DBC, 3 BOLT TRUCKS, SS TRAILBLAZER. Contact us for more information on sending in your throttle body. Phone: 813.469.4665


$150.00 plus shipping

LLT V6 VMAX Black ICE-olator

Price : $150.00

2010-2011 LLT V6 Black ICE-olator Call us to place your order 813-469-4665

VMAX Velocity Ring for 102 Intake

$59.95 plus shipping







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